- Passa Quatro Art Week, Brazil– workshop coordenated by Sandra Cinto.
- Studies at The Parque Lage Art School, with João Magalhães  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


- Children book illustration ¨When the ausence becomes missing ¨, written by psycanalist Sandra Teixeira -  Rio de Janeiro,Brazil
- Passa Quatro Art Week, Brazil – Instalation of Earth Art coordenated by Laura Vinci

- Resident artist at VCCA – Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Virginia, USA

- Single Show ¨Cycles in Circles¨ - Jung Center Gallery, Houston, USA
- Collective Show ¨ARS 31 – Artist-Run Space¨ - The Biva project-Brazilian contemporary Artists – Brusseils, Belgic

-Collective Show ¨Circunstancies Product ¨- The Biva project (Brusseil Institute of Visual Arts)


- Coordenation of the collective show ¨Marias do Mundo¨- Thomas Jefferson House Gallery-  Brasília, Brazil – UNIFEM support.
- Resident artist in Vermont Studio Center, VSC – Johnson, USA.
- Single Show ¨ColeTania¨- Porta do Sol Gallery, Brasília, Brazil

- Worked as actress in the brazilian movie ¨Secret Life ¨, directed by Suzana Amaral – Brasilia, Brazil
- Single Show ¨Collage & Drawing¨- Blossom Street Gallery – Houston, USA
- Art restore projects, in the staff of Maite Leal and Tony Louro-Houston,USA

- Single Show ¨The Breast Symphony¨- Commerce Street Art Warehouse – CSAW – Houston, USA
- Collective Show ¨Miniature Art¨- HWCA -Mauldin Gallery Houston , USA
-Collective Show ¨It´s a Joke or what?¨- HWCA -   O´Kane Gallery, Houston Downtown, USA


- Collage Teaching at Koema Art School – Brasília, Brazil
- Studio opening at Commerce Street Art Warehouse – CSAW – Houston, USA


- Collective Show ¨Women on Woman¨- New Gallery – Houston, USA
- Single Showl ¨Recent Work¨- The Art League Gallery of Houston, USA

- Collective Show ¨Spring Show¨- The Art League of Houston, USA
- Collective Show ¨A Domestic Violence Show¨- HWCA – FireHouse Gallery– San Antonio, USA
-Mural Painting at Assumption Church – Houston, USA. - Antonio Loro staff
- Restore of the inner area, Saint Michael Church – Houston, USA – Antonio Loro staff

- Restore of art pieces, Saint Joseph Church – Houston, USA – Antonio Loro staff

- Collective Show ¨Day of the Dead – 8th Edition¨- Lawndale Art and Performance Center Gallery – Houston, USA
- Collective Show ¨Images of Color and Forms¨- Telemundo Network – Houston, USA
-Collective Show ¨Healing Works:Going Beyond Domestic Violence¨- FireHouse HWCA Gallery – Houston, USA
- Collective Show ¨Power in Transition¨- San Felipe Office Plaza Bldg.- HWCA – Houston, USA
- Single Show ¨Secret Visions – Collage&Drawing¨- Borders Bookshop Gallery– Houston, USA


- Collective Show ¨Sister Sister – Who we are¨- FireHouse HWCA Gallery– Houston, USA
- Collective Show ¨Summer¨- Ink People Gallery– Eureka, USA

- Single Show ¨Memories Bank ¨- Thomas Jefferson House Gallery – Brasilia, Brazil
- Single Show ¨Works I ¨- Casa dos Contos Gallery– Belo Horizonte, Brazil
- Single Show ¨Works II ¨- Arte Café Bagda Gallery– Belo Horizonte, Brazil
- BestI Illustration Award for the journal ¨Arising Women ¨- Belo Horizonte, Brasil

- ¨Orpheus and Eurydikes¨ Opera, acting as actrees and artist , Josephine Louis Theater – Evanston, USA
- Workshop of Performance at Northwestern University of Illinois, USA directed by Dr. Johannes Birringer

- Collage Scolarship in The Glassel School of Arts – Houston, USA
- Paper Theater Project - Collage Artwork


- Best Actress Award for ¨Toys Flight ¨- Brasilia National Theater, Brazil

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